Our Story

So, there we were—just a small group of college students in San Marcos, Texas—thinking about the foods we crave. And not just us, but everyone.  Then two questions were raised: What would it take to turn tasty not-so-healthy foods into tasty nutritious foods? What would it take to put an end to “eating healthy is boring”?

The answer came quickly.

It would take a company called Crave-It Nutrition to have the vision, knowledge, and drive to change the landscape of ready-made meals. And so, we headed straight into the kitchen and, vowing to always think outside the lunchbox, we began creating meals made with lean proteins, fresh veggies, low-fat products, and high-quality carbohydrates.  We weren’t in this for ourselves.  We were in this for anyone desiring a better and healthier taste of life.

We know who you are. You have a busy schedule.  You want to eat well.  You want to maintain or discover a heathy lifestyle. And you’d love someone else to do the dishes.

You have our word: If we make it, you’ll crave it.

Crave-It Nutrition 512-757-2120